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Iloilo is a province of the Philippines located in the Western Visayas region. Its capital is Iloilo City, the second oldest city in the country.


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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


May 2006

Help Save Calle Real!
Coastal Villas Real Estate
Municipality of Alimodian Profile
Business booming in Smallville
Billboard Commercial Comlex
Podcasting direct from Iloilo and the Iloilo City official website
Infrastructure Projects in Iloilo (May 2006 Update)
Municipality of Anilao Profile
Infrastructure Projects in Iloilo (May 2006 Update)
Dumangas revisited

April 2006

Municipality of Concepcion Profile
Health Partners Condo-Clinics
Panay and Iloilo: The Allure of a Dowager
Municipality of Santa Barbara Profile
Municipality of Janiuay Profile
Architect's perspectives of the new Iloilo City Hall
Old Pictures of Iloilo during the Spanish Period Part I
Old Pictures of Iloilo during the Spanish Period Part II

March 2006
Month End Summary
Call Centers in Iloilo
Perk your day up at Coffee Break
2005 Tourism Statistics for Western Visayas
Iloilo, heritage champion
Projects and Proposals (March 2006)
City streets in Iloilo

February 2006

Projects and Proposals in Iloilo (Updated)
Iloilo - Heart of the Philippines
Major Infrastructure Projects in Iloilo
Metro Iloilo
Detailed Results of Aim's Philippine Citites Competitiveness Report 2005 for Iloilo City
Hotels in Iloilo City
Metro Iloilo in 2000 - Population, Land Area, and Density
Projects and Proposals in Iloilo

January 2006
Iloilo: Premier City by 2015
Dinagyang: Birth and evolution
A grand old house in Iloilo
Iloilo - Negros Air Express Co.
8 cities shine amid
Dinagyang country is the place to be
Ilonggo Contribution to the World - Part I
Conserving our heritage
Iloilo City - The Queen Mother of the South
"Queen City of the South," A Misnomer

Prof. Henry Funtecha's Corner

Iloilo's economic transformation in the 19th Century
Iloilo's pre-Spanish development
The Iloilo Town and River in the 19th Century
Sugar production in Iloilo, 1950s-1960s
Ilonggo migration to Negros
The final trip of M.V. Don Isidro
Training for the defense of WV vs. Japan
Moro raids and Babaylan uprisings in Panay
Spanish ‘encomiendas' in Panay
The beginning of Iloilo's fishpond industry
The Elizalde and Co., Inc.
The sugar boom in Western Visayas

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